Toronto’s Western Suburb Expecting Much-Needed Facelift with M City Condos

If you think about it hard enough, you’ll likely be able to picture Toronto’s Western neighbour – Mississauga. However, if you (understandably) can’t seem to recall it very clearly, that’s about to change.

Mississauga, Ontario may be popularly viewed as “That Place on the Other Side of Etobicoke”, or the lesser-known “Too Far, I’ll Just Stay Home Tonight”.

But did you know that Mississauga could be more formally referred to as “Canada’s 6th Fastest Growing City”? Did you know that it has a population of nearly 730,000 people? Did you know that these people are a diverse group of individuals from all over the globe? Well, now you do. And when you think about the fact that Mississauga was only officially formed in 1974, that’s pretty incredible. You go, Mississauga!

Because the municipality is still fairly new, it’s almost hard to believe that both the population and the city itself have grown so quickly since the ‘70’s. However, the rate of growth isn’t too far from that of Toronto. So why is Mississauga so much less memorable than the downtown core?

If you think back to earlier when you were asked to recall the city of Mississauga, one of the first things that came to mind may have been the skyline. While Downtown Toronto’s skyline is littered with a mix of office buildings, hotels, residential buildings, and (of course) the CN Tower, Mississauga’s skyline may only bring to mind one thing – condos. While there are certainly places of employment in this end of the GTA, Mississauga is undoubtedly seen as more of a commuter epicenter, with residents travelling into the city to get to work.

To contest this view of their beloved home, the city is starting work on a plan that will add 10 new condominiums to the skyline called M City Condos – while this may not seem like a huge jump from what already makes up their downtown area, the plan for these new buildings implements street-level business and storefront leasing opportunities which will add more to the city on the ground. This plan is a great improvement to Mississauga’s city development and will bring out more of the personality that is currently residing in the area, but remains to be seen in public.

Ideally, Mississauga will be viewed less as a commuter town and more as its own entity – with amenities and entertainment galore! As more residents are flooding to Mississauga, it was only a matter of time before entertainment and business opportunities began to flood the streets.

The plan also hopes to expand landmarks in the area, making Mississauga all the more distinguishable as its own metropolis. The condos themselves are expected to be distinguishable amongst their neighbours based on their unique design. They’re even expected to receive some newly cultivated outdoor space to boot!

Although these new developments are expected to take almost 20 years to fully complete, the newest building in this expected expansion is set to light up the night sky as early as 2021 and will be selling Phase 1 in the next few weeks. You can also bet that this isn’t the only improvement currently in motion, as small businesses, new homes, and entertainment continues to sprout all over the city from other sources, including the city’s own residents.

The way things are looking, Mississauga may be the next big place to buy into. Specifically with these new home purchasing opportunities on the horizon this may be worthwhile to look into.

Interested in making Mississauga your next home base? There’s no better time than the present to get in on what may very likely be the 5th, 4th, or even 3rd fastest growing city in Canada! We all know how essential it is to buy while prices are still (relatively) low, so now may be your best chance.

And even if you’re not currently looking, it may pay to pay a bit more attention on your next trip just west of the city – it may just be more memorable than you expect!

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